Modern data visualization for SAS users

Jay Ahn
State of Washinton


We are inundated with sea of data and we need to be able to make a point using a powerful story that leaves a lasting impact on viewers. In this presentation, I will present how to combine HTML5 and SAS to making Data into Something People Can See and get a clear meaning of the data. Users will learn how to prepare SAS data for dynamic visualization. Since we are leveraging modern browsers for front-end of this data visualizations, users do not need any servers or admin rights to produce and deliver these dynamic cool data visualizations. Customers of the data visualization will need only a readily available web browser to consume the data visualization. I will show how to use SAS to prepare a JSON data file and create a powerful data visualization using the HTML 5 canvas. Also I will show how to combine these powerful charts with a HTML based presentation library such as Reveal.JS. By the end of the course, users will know how to move beyond the static power point slide or excel spreadsheets and visually communicate your data story to the world without any boundary or software tools.