Using PROC FCMP to the Fullest: Getting Started and Doing More

Art Carpenter
CA Occidental Consultants


The FCMP procedure is used to create user defined functions. Many users have yet to tackle this fairly new procedure, while others have only attempted to use only its simplest options. Like many tools within SASĀ®, the true value of this procedure is only appreciated after the user has started to learn and use it. The basics can quickly be mastered and this allows the user to move forward to explore some of the more interesting and powerful aspects of the FCMP procedure.

Starting with the basics of the FCMP procedure, this paper also discusses how to store, retrieve, and use user defined compiled functions. Included is the use of these functions with the macro language as well as with user defined formats. The use of PROC FCMP should not be limited to the advanced SAS user; even those fairly new to SAS should be able to appreciate the value of user defined functions.