Have it Your Way: Using the ODS Excel Destination with the Data Step Report Writing Interface

Pete Lund
Looking Glass Analytics


SAS© provides some powerful, flexible tools for creating tabular reports, like PROC REPORT and PROC TABULATE. With the advent of the Output Delivery System (ODS) you have almost total control over how the output from those procedures looks. But, there are still times where you need (or want) just a little more control and that’s where the data step Report Writing Interface can help.

The Report Writing Interface (RWI) is just a fancy way of saying you’re using the ODSOUT object in a data step. Method calls on this object allow you to create tables, embed images, add titles and footnotes and more – all from within a data step, using whatever data step logic you need. Also, all the style capabilities of ODS are available to you so that your data step created output can have fonts, sizes, colors, backgrounds and borders to make your report look just like you want. And, great news: you can use the RWI with the ODS EXCEL destination!

This presentation will quickly cover some of the basics of using the ODSOUT object and then walk through some of the techniques to create output in Excel from a data step using the RWI with ODS EXCEL destination.