Keyboard Macros! An awesome tool you may have never heard of - once you do, you will never program the same again (It's that amazing!)

Steven C. Black


If you have ever searched through your programs looking for some useful code but can't seem to find it or find yourself copy/pasting large chunks of code from one program to another to save time but then end up having to tweak every little thing to get it to work. Keyboard macros are the solution you have been looking for. A keyboard macro, also known as a keyboard abbreviation, stores selected code in SAS and will place this saved code into your enhanced editor window when the proper abbreviation is typed in. Creating and utilizing these will save you a lot of time and increase your efficiency in your programming. In this paper I will demonstrate how to create, use, and transfer keyboard macros. I will also discuss a few of the more in-depth aspects of Keyboard Macros with the intent that the reader will use and make them a part of their programming repertoire.