Bespoke outputs, just like everyone else’s: using the SAS Macro Language to create template programs for standard presentations of your client’s clinical trial data

Sean-Paul Claypool
Synteract, Inc.


While the structure and content of the tables, listings, and figures (TLF) used to present clinical trial data are generally established, myriad trial designs and data types collected across studies present resource challenges to contract research organizations (CRO) to “re-invent the wheel” creating standardized outputs for each client’s specific data. Leveraging the SAS Macro Language, CROs can mitigate constrained budgets by developing template programs to produce common output types. Using adverse event and laboratory result summary tables as examples, this paper shall illustrate how such template programs may be designed with SAS Macro variables and simple Macro scripts to automate dataset manipulation and output report generation. With a robust library of flexible template programs, CROs can both maximize their resource utilization and deliver quality data products for their clients.