Automating ADSL Programming Using Pinnacle 21 Specifications

Tracy Sherman1 and Aakar Shah2
1Ephicacy, 2Nektar Therapeutics


Standardization is the most basic pre-requisite to automation, and Pinnacle 21® ADaM Define specifications offer a useful and powerful standard for ADaM documentation. As adoption of Pinnacle 21 ADaM Define specifications increases, so does the opportunity for automation in the creation of ADaM datasets. Pinnacle 21 specifications provide the necessary metadata (variable data source, origin type, assignments, codelists and derivations) for generating SAS® code and code templates to create ADaM datasets.

This paper will demonstrate how Pinnacle 21 specifications for ADSL can be used to dynamically generate a program for producing an ADSL dataset. Specification guidelines based on origin type will be proposed to help streamline the specification writing process and increase the scope and sophistication possible in generated code.