Git'r'done: Using Git in the production SAS environment

Joe Matise1, Deanna Schreiber-Gregory2, Richann Watson3, Louise Hadden4, Jared Dean5
1NORC, 2Henry M. Jackson Foundation, 3DataRich Consulting, 4Abt Associates, 5SAS


SAS Professionals often need to use version control, such as Git, to manage their programs through the various stages of development and production release. In this talk, we will discuss the different options for using Git with SAS programs, including different ideas of the best way to use Git with different SAS clients and their respective file formats, and whether using the integrated Git functionality in different SAS clients is a good idea or not.

This should appeal to SAS developers at all levels who use version control in their daily work, and should not require any particular SAS knowledge.