Building Blocks of Beautiful ODS RTF Destination Reports: Using Microsoft Word’s Heading System to Add an Outline Content Pane

Debra Goldman
Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center


Adding layers of organization to reports is a beneficial communication tool, particularly for lengthy reports or for client-programmer relationships where in person meetings are not frequent. One reason SAS users may prefer to use PDF destination over RTF output is the automatic left hand outline of PROCedures in PDFs. These bookmarks make it easy to see what’s in the report, to see where one is within the report, and to seamlessly move in between sections. Fortunately for those that want to or be required to have their reports to be in Microsoft Word, the heading feature allows us to create a similar content pane. This pane can be clicked through and tracks where one is in the document as one moves through. In a 2018 WUSS paper, I reviewed options for adding Table of Contents and Hyperlinks to one’s RTF reports. It also introduced the concept of using RTF code within SAS® to make use of Microsoft Word features. This presentation will show users how to add multiple layers of headings in a navigable left side panel to one’s RTF reports. Users should be familiar with ODS RTF destination to attend this talk, and the content is for users of SAS 9.4 or higher and Microsoft Office 2010 or higher.